Maintenance Plan Features

Our WordPress Maintenance Plans provide service are tailored keep your website performing smoothly and to prevent unexpected repair expenses due to to unprocessed software updates, software conflicts, malware attacks, server updates, changes in browser and mobile device technologies, etc. Each plan provides varying levels of service and protection. Our website maintenance packages are structured for different types of websites based on their size, functionality, and how they are utilized.

When you subscribe to a maintenance plan, your site is hosted with us, so it remains under our care and allows us to stay on top of required maintenance tasks like content management, processing software updates, repairs, backups and recovery, database optimization, removal of unnecessary software, settings adjustments, security monitoring, recovery from malware attacks, and managing server resources.

  • eCommerce Support
    Support for eCommerce & other advanced data management systems.
  • Managed Hosting
    Fully managed hosting on WordPress optimized servers
  • Backups
    Database and Files are backed up nightly and stored off-site for 30 to 90 days.
  • Security Scans
    Your site is protected from common malware and brute force attacks. Daily security scans notify us in the event of attacks from hackers, malware, or other invaders.
  • Malware Removal
    If malware is detected, your site is removed and your restored to a healthy state.
  • Database Cleanup
    A slow website is not only frustrates visitors, but it also impacts search engine rankings. We periodically remove spam comments, post revisions, and other data that tends to accumulate in the database and slow down your website.
  • Software Updates
    WordPress Core, Theme and Plugins are processed as recommended by their developers. Each update addresses Security vulnerabilities, fixes bugs, adds new features, and keeps your site compatable with the latest browser and mobile device technologies.
  • Repairs & Recovery
    You will never have unextpected expenses for Repairs, troubleshooting malfunctions, resolving software conflicts, recovery from malware attacks, or restoring your site from backup. We have you covered.
  • Content Updates
    Covers simple updates to content, like replacing text or images. (Small Jobs = tases that take less than 30 minutes)
  • Content Publishing
    This includes posting blog articles, posting events to an event calendar, adding products to an ecommerce system. (This does not include designing new pages)
  • CMS Support
    Content Management Support - If you choose to manage your own content, we’re here to answer questions and provide assistance if you run into problems along the way.
  • Image Optimization
    Uncompressed and improperly scaled images carry a lot of extra weight and forces your users to download unnecessary data. Optimizing your images reduces the total size of your page, meaning your page loads faster.
  • CDN Service
    A Content Delivery Network is a collection of servers all over the world that hold a copy of your site’s files. When a user visits your site, the files on your site are downloaded from the server that’s closest to them, which means your site loads faster.
  • SSL Certificate
    SSL Certificates provide extra security for sensitive data, enhances consumer trust, and contributes to better search engine rankings.
  • Uptime Monitoring
    We are notified if your site becomes inaccessible due to malfunctions ro server-related issues. This allows us to act promptly to resolve the issues and minimize downtime.
  • Maintenance
    You will recieve periodic reports on any maintenance we perform, and other information about the security and performance of your site.
  • Google Analytics Reports
    Google Analytics reports keep you informed of website trafic, user demographics, and other key metrics.
  • SEO Reports
    Search engine ranking reports give you all of the key metrics, including your keyword rankings, who your main competitors are, and a timeline of your ranking positions.
  • 1 to 3 page sites with static content, minimal software, and low risk for malfunctions or data loss
  • 30 Daily
  • $45/hr
  • 1 Small Job
  • 4 to 10 page sites that accumulate content, change frequently, have more software applications, and are at greater risk of malfunctions or data loss.
  • 30 Daily
  • 1 Small Job
  • 1 Per Month
  • Add $10/mo
  • Add $10/mo
  • 11 to 20 page sites that accumulate content, change frequently, have more software applications, and are at greater risk of malfunctions or data loss.
  • 90 Daily
  • 3 Small Jobs
  • 3 Per Month
  • Add $10/mo
  • eCommerce or 21+ page sites that accumulate content, change frequently, have more software applications, and are at greater risk of malfunctions or data loss.
  • Hourly
    Your site is backed up once every hour and each backup is stored off-site for 90 days
  • 5 Small Jobs
  • 5 Per Month